Shit Music For Shit People Shit Music For Shit People


Shit #19
(vinyl / digital)

From Forlì, Italy, they got together in 2007, SybiAnn creates a real concert where the laptop isn't the main element but one of many within the downbeat alchemy, tribalism, underground disco and psychedelia. 
A path in that leads closer to electronic music together with the band skills guarantee a unique live experience. 
SybiAnn shared the stage with Dan Deacon, Archie Bronson Outfit, Black Angels, Zu, Lotus Plaza, Nudge, Holy Other, with dj/producer as Andrew Weatherall, member of Two Lone Swordmen and their songs has been remixed by Daniele Baldelli, Danny Benedettini and many more. 
Now the band's new album plays a psychedelic electronic sound, with hints of some late 80s Acid House and Afro Beat, Slow and Italo Disco. 
Sequencer-mixed bases, samba-like, tribal rythm and an interest towards those Badalamenti soundtracks and from Carpenter era. 


A Side
1 – Pangea Ultima 
2 – Vortice 
3 – Implicity 
4 – Spore 

B Side
1 – Gyilli Drugs
2 – Sambarama 
3 – Cosmic Favela 

All songs written & arranged by SybiAnn. 
Produced, recorded and mixed at Deposito Zero Studios by Mattia "Matta" Dallara. 
Mastered by Thomas Salvador.

Cover’s artwork by  Fulvio Castelli