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Shit #21
JIBÓIA - “Badlav”
(vinyl / digital)

In current language, Jibóia is a boa constrictor, a snake that crawls close to the human skin. 
Óscar Silva is the one-man-artist behind this project: he loops, he plays with his pedals, he is the genius mind of Jibóia. 

"Badlav" is a concept record about the four Age or Era in Hinduism.
After the perfect Satya Yuga (Age of gold), a decline marks Treta Yuga (Age of silver). Further decline brings about the Dvapara Yuga (Age of bronze), and after it comes the final and dark Kali Yuga, a time of wickedness, when man kills another man.
Four songs done in partnership with longtime accomplice Ana Miró (Sequin) and produced by Xinobi.  

"Dvapara Yuga" is the first advance from this record, with video directed by Miguel Tavares and produced by Abelha.

Make sure you check out "Dvapara Yuga”  video.

1 - Satya Yuga
2 - Treta Yuga
3 - Dvapara Yuga
4 - Kali Yuga

Artwork by Margarida Borges and cover's photo by Vera Marmelo